Why Ready for Occupancy Units are Perfect for Starting Families

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new home for your family, you’ve likely come across the terms “pre-selling” and “ready-for-occupancy” (RFO). When you opt for a pre-selling unit, you pay for it even before it’s even constructed. When you opt for an RFO unit, you’re paying for a house or apartment that’s already finished.

So why should you choose RFO units for you and your family? Here are the key advantages.

You can move in immediately.

With pre-selling units, you may have to wait several months or years before you can even start moving in. With RFO units, you can move in as soon as all the necessary paperwork and payments are complete! This is great for starting families who are excited to settle down in their new home right away.

You know exactly what you’re getting.

Because RFO units are already built, you can see exactly what you’ll be paying for at your first viewing. You can inspect the quality of the unit, fixtures, and furnishings yourself and see if they meet your needs and standards.

You immediately get a feel of what it’s like to live there.

Beyond just seeing if the quality of the RFO unit you’re interested in meets your standards, you can also get a preview of what it would be like to live there. By seeing the views from the bedroom window, getting a feel of the space inside the house, and doing an initial tour of the neighborhood, you can already imagine what kind of future you can build with your family there. You can also drive around the community and the surrounding area to see if everything your family wants and needs is within the immediate vicinity.

While it’s true that RFO units typically cost more than pre-selling units up front, this cost can easily be managed through payment plans and bank loans. Some property owners also offer promos and discounts, specifically for RFO units.

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