Why Green Spaces Make City Living So Much Better

Despite being one of the most urbanized cities in the country, Davao is home to a surprising amount of green spaces. From the four-hectare People’s Park on Palma Gil St., to the strip parks along Roxas Avenue, to the elevated gardens of Shrine Hills, the city proves that progress and nature can indeed co-exist.

But beyond being just attractions, parks and gardens improve quality of life in so many ways. Here’s how:

Soothes the mind and body

Greenery offers tranquility that helps combat life’s stresses. Studies show that the presence of plant life lowers blood pressure, reduces muscle tension, and quells anxiety.

Improves air quality

Trees and shrubs remove air impurities such as smoke and dust. In fact, a single tree can absorb 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air annually—that’s about 11,000 miles’ worth of car emissions!

Fosters a sense of community

Parks are ideal venues for parties, sports matches, and other neighborhood events that foster new friendships and closer social ties.

Encourages physical activity

With parks, getting some much-needed exercise becomes much easier. Leading an active lifestyle is one way to improve one’s health.

Offers recreational opportunities

Go camping, host a barbecue, have a picnic, organize soccer games, go stargazing—green spaces offer endless possibilities for recreational activities.

Maximizes urban spaces

Urban gardens prove that you can grow a lot of produce even in small spaces. Aside from giving people a source of high-quality, organic vegetables, it also fosters a sense of self-reliance.

Narra Park Residences, Alsons Dev’s first mid-cost project under its Nurtura Land & Home brand, will soon have its own large parks for future residents to enjoy. We’ve begun landscape work for the first large park, which will feature a mini-forest, play equipment, and a paved deck suitable for various outdoor activities. With this amenity, homeowners can experience all the benefits of green spaces right in the comfort and privacy of their own community.

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