Why a New Home is the Best Christmas Gift for Your Family

The holiday season has always been known for its gift-giving tradition. As children, the thought of presents waiting under the Christmas tree kept us awake with excitement on Christmas Eve. While toys, clothes, and gadgets can be great gift options for your family, one of the best gifts you can give them is the gift of a good home at Narra Park Residences.

What Defines a Good Home?

Purchasing a unit at Narra Park Residences goes beyond having a stylish and comfortable house—you’re giving your family the gift of a new way of living.

Home is more than just a shelter with walls, floors, and a roof. It provides security, control, belonging, identity, and privacy. Home is part of who we are, and it impacts our lives and well-being. It also isn’t just about where we live, but it is also how we live.

A Healthy and Safe Community

While the design of the actual house is a key consideration, the community and environment it’s located in is also important. Your family home should be within a healthy and safe community. The community at Narra Park Residences is designed to help our residents live their best lifestyle. We have two 1.4 hectare parks that can be used for different outdoor activities, and a community center with pools and a playground for the whole family to enjoy.

In addition to this, Narra Park Residences is enclosed in perimeter walls with a 24-hour guarded entrance to keep our residents safe. We also have strict road safety rules to keep our residents safe as they walk, jog, or bike around the community.

A Convenient Location

Narra Park Residences is strategically located to give your family access to daily essentials and healthcare. The community is a ride away from shopping malls, grocery stores, and banks . It’s also located near pharmacies as well as healthcare facilities like Metro Davao Medical And Research Center (MDMRC) and Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC).

A Comfortable Home

Each unit at Narra Park Residences is built with the best quality, design, and construction, to ensure that our residents have a comfortable living space. Our homes are designed to fit what Filipino families need: Modern Asian aesthetics with great natural lighting, better air circulation, and natural temperature cooling. We make sure that the money you invest is worth it so that you can have a home that you deserve.

A good home is truly the best gift you can give your family this Christmas. Living in a well-designed home within a safe and conveniently-located community is a gift your family will enjoy and benefit from—even after the holiday season.

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