What your Favorite Hangout Area at Home Says About You

Since the pandemic, most of us have been staying home a lot more than usual. Without you noticing it, you might have been staying in a specific area of your home much longer than all other areas of the house. It can be your favorite hangout spot, where you spend most of your time every day, may it be working, studying, or doing a hobby.

Just for fun, let’s see what your favorite place in your home reveals about your personality.

Actual photo of the Two-storey model unit interiors

Lively as a living room

Typically, the living room is the first area one sees upon entering a home. It greets guests and welcomes them in. Therefore, those who love hanging out here are probably extroverts who draw energy from social interactions and feel the happiest when surrounded by people.

Actual photo of the Bungalow with Loft model unit interiors

Fiery as a kitchen

Teeming with flavors and aromas from home-cooked meals, all senses are activated in the kitchen—the sense of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. That’s why the people who usually hangout here are most likely to be very creative, passionate, and able to skillfully multitask.

Actual photo of the Two-storey model unit interiors

Delightful as a dining room

The dining room is where the family gathers, not just to break bread, but to converse and share stories, too.

Those who love hanging out here are probably sentimental foodies who value relationships. They are good listeners as much as they’re good storytellers.

Actual photo of the Bungalow with Loft model unit interiors

Cozy as a bedroom

Bedrooms are the one room in the house meant for solitary activities such as reading a book, journaling, drawing, or even maybe enjoying a fun, not-so-quiet phone call or online chat with a good friend. It’s the place where anybody can be their truest self. Hence, the people who hang out here all the time must be deep thinkers with big ideas and an artistic side.

So, where do you usually hangout in your home? Whether it’s in the living room, kitchen, dining room or bedroom, we hope you find yourself a place that gives you the joy of staying at home during these times.

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