Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Date in Davao: A Guide for Every Type of Couple

Different couples have different personalities: some love to travel, some love pets, and some love to stay fit. But there’s one thing that all couples love—going on dates!

Fortunately, Davao City has no shortage of great date places to try on Valentine’s Day, no matter what tastes or interests you may have. Check out our recommendations below!

For Adventurous Couples on a Budget

Mamay Road, Lanang

Mamay Road is a treat for anyone who loves street food.
Delicious Asian food doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Head over to Mamay Road in Lanang to savor affordable Asian street food that your partner (and your wallet!) will love. Top picks include Kushiya for their grilled and fried skewered meat, Kamo for the best okonomiyaki in town, and Little Nam for great-tasting Vietnamese food.

Roxas Night Market

Visit the Roxas Night Market for some of your favorite grilled meals.
Looking for a no-frills dining experience on Valentine’s Day? Then check out Roxas Night Market, where you can feast on sugba favorites such as pork barbecue, grilled fish, and the ever-popular isaw. For dessert, you absolutely must try Mang Danny’s ice cream. Do note, however, that you may have to line up for hours before getting a scoop–but who cares when you’re with your honey, right?

For Couples Who Are Romantics at Heart

Claude’s Le Cafe De Ville

Claude’s Le Cafe De Ville is another must-try place for food lovers.
Paris is the city of love, but you don’t have to travel halfway around the world to enjoy a romantic French dinner. At Claude’s Le Cafe De Ville, you can enjoy gourmet dishes like French Onion Soup, Gindara Fillet of Fish, and Chocolate Treat Crepe ala Mode. Its location in the Oboza ancestral home guarantees a warm and cozy ambiance that will surely impress your date.

Picobello Ristorante Italiano

Fancy an Italian feast for Valentines? Head on over to Picobello Ristorante Italiano.
If Italian food is more to your liking, there’s no better place to enjoy it than Picobello Ristorante Italiano. This Davao institution recently relocated to The Shoppes at Wood Lane. With a more laidback and cozier ambiance, you can better enjoy the same beloved dishes, like their popular thin-crust pizzas and ricotta-stuffed calzone.

For Couples Who Want Something Different

White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge

For a flavorful experience, try White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge.

If you love western cuisine but your partner prefers eastern flavors, White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge should satisfy both your cravings. The restaurant serves up scrumptious dishes like the Unagi and Torchon of Foie Gras Box Sushi, Pan Seared Smoked Chilean Sea Bass, and Yamamomo Cheesecake that patrons love. The restaurant, originally a heritage house, exudes an extra-romantic ambiance, too.


Looking for some drool-worthy steaks this Valentines? Check out Marbled.

Marbled is the perfect restaurant for couples who want to try a special gastronomic treat this Valentine’s Day. It specializes in serving Wagyu A5 steaks, the highest possible rating for beef cuts. In layman’s terms, the beef will be exquisitely marbled with fat, creating that sumptuous, melt-in-your mouth tenderness.

Huckleberry Southern Kitchen & Bar

Have a fancy drink with your date at Huckleberry Southern Kitchen and Bar.
Also located at the Oboza ancestral home is Davao’s newest nightlife destination, Huckleberry Southern Kitchen & Bar, one of the Philippine Tatler’s best restaurants of 2016. Toast to many more years of love and romance while sipping on signature concoctions like the cacao-and-chili-infused rum.

With so many options, Valentine’s Day in Davao will surely be a memorable occasion for you and your significant other. Are you doing anything interesting or unique for Valentine’s Day? Share your ideas with our readers in the comments below!


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