Now You See ‘Em, Now You Don’t! 7 Hidden Storage Solutions You Need in Your Home

Storage solutions are something of a paradox. On paper, they’re supposed to declutter your home by helping you organize your belongings. In reality, however, they usually occupy a lot of space themselves. Just take a look at cabinets, drawers, and bookshelves—not exactly space saving, are they?

But what if storage solutions can be hidden in plain sight? Let’s take a look at different storage options that keep items out of sight but always within reach.

Headboard Storage

Make your headboard double as storage space
An uncluttered bedroom is conducive to quality sleep. If you’re looking to keep your bedroom organized, you can get a custom-built headboard with hidden storage just like the one above.

Rolling Crates

Rolling crates are a stylish way to maximize the space beneath your bed
The area beneath your bed is prime storage space, so don’t let it go to waste. Home improvement stores often sell plastic boxes for under-bed storage. For a more elegant option, consider making these DIY rolling crates. All it takes is a few pieces of wood and some basic carpentry work to turn the bottom of your bed into a drawer.

Stairway Drawers

You can turn each step of your stairs into a drawer
Have you ever noticed how the steps of your stairs look like a stack of drawers? So why not turn them into actual ones! A stairway drawer is the perfect place to stow away shoes and slippers, as well as related items such as socks and stockings.

Mirror-Cabinet Combo

This full-length mirror hides a nifty storage space
Take a page from your medicine cabinet and add storage space behind your full-length mirrors, too. The resulting space is an ideal place to stash styling products, hair dryers, perfumes, and other bathroom essentials.

Chairs with Storage Compartments

The seat cushion in this chair hides a secret compartment
When you’re looking to maximize every inch of space in your home, you need to look for storage opportunities in places you’d least expect. Take your chairs, for instance. As you can see above, a chair can be built with a secret storage compartment that is revealed when you lift the seat cushion. Clever, right?

Pop-Top Coffee Table

This table pops open to reveal a storage compartment
Pop-top coffee tables offer a convenient and space-saving way to store magazines and other reading materials. If you use the table as a work desk, you can also put your laptop, charger, and other peripherals in the hidden compartment.

Artwork-Concealed Niches

Your guests will never know that you have storage space behind this painting
This design shows that art can be both decorative and functional! In the right location, art can conceal shallow niches where you can store medicines, house keys, and other things that are best kept hidden.

With a little ingenuity, you can turn everyday things into storage solutions. You just have to keep your eyes peeled for such opportunities. For more home tips, be sure to follow our Facebook page and sign up for our newsletter.

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