Maximize Your Home Space: Pro-Tips from Interior Decorator Tricia Alcantara-Dizon

Tricia Alcantara-Dizon knows a thing or two about dressing up modest-sized spaces. While studying at the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID), she once had to design the interior of a 25-sqm studio apartment in an elaborate Gothic theme.

Today, the Makati-based interior decorator and mother of two has a thriving business helping clients realize beautiful home spaces. She took time from her busy schedule to give a few pro-tips on maximizing the floor space of your house:

Think Big

Getting smaller pieces isn’t always space saving, says Tricia. “For your couch, I’d rather you invest in one big three-seater rather than a two-seater with a few lounge chairs. In smaller spaces, all the extra furniture quickly adds up.”

Multi-Purpose Wins

Tricia also recommends versatile pieces: “For my kitchen, I made a small moveable island that serves as counter and prep area. But it also has drop-leaf panels that you can expand so the island becomes a dining table, too.” Other examples include tables or couches that have storage bins “under the hood.” If time and budget permits, have local furniture shops custom build these clever furnishings for you.

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 Kitchen islands can double as dining tables

Color It Right

Give your rooms an airier feel by painting walls in neutral tones like greys and pale blues. Stick to a monochromatic palette—too much color will make the space look cluttered. Just add pops of color through accent pieces like artwork or furniture pieces.

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Neutral tones make a room look more spacious

Uncover Extra Space

Keep an eye out for underutilized spaces. Use the spot under your stairs, which can be turned into a mini-closet or shoe cabinet, or install floor-to-ceiling shelves, which instantly turn bare bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom walls into storage spaces.

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Maximize the space under your stairs

Right for You

Match your home’s organization and layout to your life stage, says Tricia: “If you have a baby, your child won’t need his or her own room quite yet, so you can better use that space as a den or home office for now. Empty nesters, on the other hand, can turn the space into a den-office-guest room in one, so they can have more floor space for a bigger kitchen or living area.”

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Turn an extra room into a home office or den

Expand Your Space

If you’re opting for a loft or balcony expansion at Narra Park Residences, Tricia has ideas on how best to maximize these spaces as well.

For the loft, she suggests using partitions or area rugs to delineate the space without making it feel cramped. Balconies can serve as an extension of your living area, where you can entertain guests. Just be sure to get weather-resistant furniture, such as those made from metal or synthetic rattan.

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Balconies are a natural extension of your living space

Tricia offers one last piece of advice in maximizing your home’s living space: “When designing your space, prioritize functionality over aesthetics.”

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