Gift of Love, Gift of Home: The Sayago Family’s Narrative

Moving from one house to another had been the norm for Pong, May and their four daughters. For many years, the Sayagos longed to have a home of their own.

We sat down with the family to know how they turned their dreams into reality, and why they chose Narra Park Residences, the maiden project of Nurtura Land & Home by Alsons Dev.

Search for Home

Situated near major roads, the Sayagos’ previous place of residence was considered conveniently accessible. However, after heavy rains, their house would get flooded. One episode was traumatic that, from thereon, whenever it rained, Mommy May got anxious about their safety.

This prompted daughters Rona, Roxanne, Cheska, and Brazil to decide that it was time to stop renting and start owning. They pooled their savings to give their parents the ultimate gift—a house where the family can permanently settle down. They wanted a home that offered value for money, was located in an area that was accessible, and most importantly, flood-free.

In 2015, Roxanne learned that Alsons Development and Investment Corporation (Alsons Dev), the developer behind premier communities in Davao like Ladislawa Garden Village and Woodridge Park, was launching Narra Park Residences, a new mid-cost housing project under a new brand, Nurtura Land & Home. Located in Tigatto, the siblings initially thought the project’s location was too far. However, while passing by the area several times, they noticed the infrastructure upgrades and new developments in the area, such as road widening projects and the construction of new malls. Clearly, Tigatto was a developing area that was full of promise.

Another attraction for the Sayagos was how nature meets progress at Narra Park Residences. “Forty percent of the development is allocated to green spaces. That’s really rare,” said Rona.

Since Narra Park Residences was in its pre-selling phase at that time, there was little to see. Relying on the project plans and the developer’s promises, the siblings reserved a unit.

When Roxanne came to the Sales Office to sign documents, all details were thoroughly explained to her. Several payment terms and financing options were offered, and future development plans were disclosed. To Roxanne, what started out as a leap of faith now felt like a well-informed decision.

The ultimate test came in December 2017, when non-stop rains caused flooding in several areas in the city. Restless, the family immediately went to the site and checked the area for tell-tale signs of flood. “We had to make sure so we can still withdraw if ever it was flooded. But it was flood-free, so we were relieved,” Daddy Pong said.

Beyond Expectations

In April this year, the Sayagos were surprised to receive a call from Nurtura, informing them that their house, completed eight months ahead of schedule, was now ready for turnover.

Upon arriving at the site, the family was surprised to be welcomed by the project team, comprised of representatives from the developer’s Sales and Construction Management departments, all eager to turn over Narra Park Residences’ very first completed house.

Immediately, Daddy Pong went around to inspect the house for cracks and items for repair, but saw none. He was very impressed by the quality of the house construction.

“I still can’t believe we have a house like this. It’s really beyond my expectations. We even have a loft!” exclaimed Daddy Pong.

“We really appreciated this. It feels like we are living at a high-end neighborhood even though [Narra Park Residences] is a mid-cost development,” said Brazil.

After the unit inspection and signing of documents, the project team presented the family a welcome token with traditional Filipino moving in staples that symbolized the developer’s well-wishes for the new residents: a candle, so their home will always have light; rice, so the family may never know hunger; salt, so their life may always have flavor; and sugar, so they may always enjoy the sweetness of life.

“We felt that we are really special. Like we finally claimed the prize after a very long run. Everyone really exerted their best efforts,” said Brazil.

“We got what we paid for and more,” agreed Rona.

Living the Dream

Thanks to their daughters’ endeavors, the family can start living the sweet life they have been longing for. They can’t wait to settle in, personalize their space, and make it cozy.

Cheska also shared that Mommy May loves to read home magazines for design tips. But since they were just renting then, she couldn’t design the house to her liking. Being supportive daughters, they decided to give their mother another gift: a furnished house straight from the pages of her favorite magazines.

“Nothing is more precious than seeing our parents happy and satisfied to finally have our dream house,” said Cheska.

“This is the biggest blessing for our family,” said Mommy May. “And this most precious gift is all because of our children,” added Daddy Pong.

Asked about what they look forward to the most, the family unanimously answered, “We are excited to make new memories.”

Just like the Sayagos, you too can make Narra Park Residences your lifelong address. To inquire about this community of expertly-constructed, high-quality homes in a green and secure neighborhood, call (082) 284-4382, 227-2152 loc 216 or visit For updates, you may also follow @NarraParkOfficial on Facebook.

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