Four Ways to be a Good Neighbor

Narra Park Residences offers not just high quality and well-designed homes. Here, you can find a great community that looks out for one another. To create and maintain this kind of community, it’s important for all residents to do their part as a good neighbor.

Beyond the simple acts of being kind and considerate, here are four specific ways to be a good neighbor in Narra Park Residences.

1. Make Safety a Priority

Following your neighborhood’s safety protocols is one of the most basic yet important things you can do as a responsible member of that community. These include health safety guidelines particular to preventing the spread of COVID-19, as well as general safety guidelines.

In gated communities like Narra Park Residences, road safety is also particularly important. Residents and their families often walk along these roads, and their children or pets also play in open spaces near roads. This is why residents are encouraged to park their vehicles properly so sidewalks and roads remain unobstructed. Risky activities such as practice driving or driving beyond the community’s 25-kph speed limit are also strictly prohibited.

2. Keep Your Surroundings Clean

Keeping your property clean and remembering to dispose of your trash properly improves the overall quality of your neighborhood’s surroundings. Maintain and clean the exterior of your home, take good care of your outdoor plants, and dispose of your trash properly. Every community has its own protocols and schedules when it comes to waste segregation and trash disposal, so make sure to follow them.

If your community has public spaces, like Narra Park Residences’ large parks and Community Center, make sure to clean up after yourself when you’re finished with your activities. This means cleaning up your trash and ensuring that any shared furnishings (like chairs and tables at the Community Center) are neat and orderly before you leave.

3. Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Make sure to keep your pets safe and secure while on your property, and even when you’re taking them out for walks within the community. Picking up after your pets when you take them for a walk is important, too! When taking your dogs out for a walk, always bring bags for their waste. Ensuring your beloved pets’ safety and cleaning up after them can help prevent accidents and potential misunderstandings with your neighbors.

4. Mind the Noise

It’s important to be mindful of your noisy activities that may disturb your neighbors. Try to avoid honking your car’s horn when driving around the neighborhood unless absolutely necessary. Noisy construction or repair works also need to be kept to a minimum, and only within your neighborhood’s designated construction working hours, so as not to disturb neighbors at night or on the weekends.

Beyond simply following protocols and rules, being a good neighbor boils down to being kind and considerate of your fellow community members. In Narra Park Residences, you’ll find neighbors who want the same thing as you—a good place to call home and spend quality time with your loved ones. Be kind, considerate, and respectful to one another, and you will all thrive.

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