Finding the Ideal Home from Across the Globe: The Halters’ Narrative

How do you find the ideal home for your family while living thousands of miles away? For Wisconsin-based couple Chad and Dulce Halter, the answer lay in finding the right people to trust.


On sunny weekends, Chad and Dulce spend the day leisurely transforming their backyard into a verdant garden of trees, flowers, and herbs. This is just one of the many things that the green-thumbed couple enjoys in their quiet, suburban neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In contrast, the environment in Dulce’s family home in Davao is very different. Located near the hustle and bustle of the city’s biggest public market, the neighborhood seems to get busier and more crowded by the year—something Chad and Dulce noticed whenever they come to Davao to visit Dulce’s family.

Wanting the same serene lifestyle for Dulce’s family, the Halters decided it was time for them to have a change in environment.

Grateful for her parents’ hard work and support, Dulce wanted to gift her family with a new place of their own. A place where they can be comfortable, and get some much-deserved rest and relaxation.


Chad and Dulce started their search by visiting residential projects during their vacations. It was clear to them that they wanted the best of both worlds—a home in a location that has quick access to the city center, but far from the noise and pollution of downtown.

Another non-negotiable was the developer’s good reputation since they were based abroad.

“We were looking for a reliable company because we’re not from here. We want to make sure that everything is done right,” Chad said.

With the help of Dulce’s sister, Cathy, the couple got in touch with an agent who introduced them to Narra Park Residences, the maiden project of Nurtura Land & Home by Alsons Dev.

“The agent told my sister that Alsons is the developer (of Narra Park Residences). The same developer as Ladislawa. I’ve been to Ladislawa before and that subdivision is just great,” shared Dulce.

The couple also wanted value for their money and carefully weighed their options. “We looked around a little bit. We looked at some other places, high-rise buildings, stuff like that. They were small and expensive, too!” Chad said.

Ultimately, it came down to the lifestyle that Narra Park Residences can offer. “This is better for her family because it’s more open. And with Carla (Cathy’s daughter), I think it’s just the right place for her. She can play outside because it’s safe,” Chad continued.


The Halters were pleasantly surprised that the home-buying process was not as challenging as they thought it would be. From financing options to construction updates, the developer’s Sales staff made it easy for the couple.

“That (home-buying process) was easy. They had the office where the models were set up. We just signed some papers. I think the process just took us two hours,” Dulce shared. “It was all explained really well to us—the options, the financing, all that,” added Chad.

Even after the couple returned to the US, the staff was quick to respond to their questions via email and social media. Cathy also sent pictures and videos every now and then, so the couple could see the progress of the new house. With constant updates, the Halters’ anticipation for their completed unit grew by the day.

When it was finally time for the turnover, it was Cathy and her parents who thoroughly inspected the house on behalf of Chad and Dulce. The couple flew in days later and were very excited to start their two-week vacation in their new home.


Upon seeing the house for themselves, Dulce and Chad were delighted to see that what was delivered exceeded their expectations.

“It’s just the right size for my family. It’s very nice, and I really like the façade of the house. It’s definitely more than what we expected,” Dulce shared.

“We like the house because it’s very bright. The windows, it really helps out. Also having the loft really added a lot of extra space. It’s tall enough because I can even stand in there! It’s really worth having (the loft),” Chad excitedly added.

As the very first homeowners to move in, Chad shared that the entire family is looking forward to meet their new neighbors and enjoy the community’s planned amenities. This includes a Community Center with two large parks, kiddie and adult swimming pools, and a cabaña, and a Sports Center with a multi-purpose covered court, which are currently under construction.

For Dulce, having her family settle down at Narra Park Residences feels so rewarding. “It feels good. It is a very big accomplishment and a very good investment,” Dulce said.

Dulce added that she and Chad see themselves living in Narra Park Residences when they retire. For now, since their work in the US beckons, the Halters can only look forward to future vacations with Dulce’s family at their serene new abode.

Just like the Halters, your family can live in a peaceful and progressive neighborhood by investing in Narra Park Residences. To learn more about this flourishing community, follow the official Facebook page for updates and subscribe to receive a quarterly newsletter.

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