Experience the Comforts of a Modern Asian Home at Narra Park Residences

Narra Park Residences is committed to providing residents with well-designed homes that are comfortable and functional for everyone in the family. For this reason, the community’s design team needed a philosophy that best suits this commitment. Modern Asian was the most ideal choice.

How does Narra Park Residences redefine “Modern Asian”?

Modern Asian homes are specifically designed for Narra Park Residences by trusted collaborators. These homes infuse modern functionalism into Asian Tropical designs.

Modern Asian designs strike a balance between traditional Asian architecture and innovative use of modern materials to better suit contemporary lifestyles. Modern Asian homes tend to be simple and minimalist, but are planned meticulously to ensure that every little detail is perfectly functional and beautiful. They maximize even the smallest of spaces for efficiency.

Asian Tropical designs are developed to suit the unique weather conditions of tropical countries like the Philippines. A well-designed Tropical home is not just functional—it also serves as a comfortable and relaxing getaway for the entire family.

By combining these design principles and philosophies, Narra Park Residences’ collaborators have developed homes well-suited to the local climate and natural landscape in Tigatto Buhangin, Davao City.

What are the perks of living in a Modern Asian Home?

At Narra Park Residences, your family can choose to purchase an existing unit, or build a new Modern Asian home from the ground up. Here are the top benefits to look forward to when you move into a Modern Asian home.

Better air circulation and natural temperature cooling

Following Modern Asian and Asian Tropical design philosophies, homes in Narra Park Residences are designed for improved natural ventilation so that your family can remain comfortable even during hot summer months. The long overhang eaves of our Asian-inspired roofs also offer good shade during daytime without getting in the way of natural lighting.

Great natural lighting

Narra Park Residences’ Modern Asian homes have large windows that let more natural light into your home. A well-lit home feels warmer and more inviting, and also offers a number of benefits, such as improved focus, reduced stress and anxiety, less eye strain, and stronger immune systems.

Classic, timeless aesthetics

With clean-cut lines and neutral colors, these homes are great blank canvases for your family’s personal touch.

By combining the traditional and modern as well as form and function, homes in Narra Park Residences offer your family the best in terms of comfort, space, and surroundings.

To inquire about available units, call (082) 227-2152 local 216 or visit www.nurtura.ph. For updates, you may also follow @NarraParkOfficial on Facebook.


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