Experience the Charm of Narra Park Residences Avia’s Bungalow Living

Narra Park Residences Avia defines today’s compact living standards with its charmingly cozy Bungalow units.

Here are the reasons why you should consider getting one of your very own:

Thoughtful Design

Cozy meets style in this suggested bedroom arrangement

Narra Park Residences Avia’s contemporary Asian-Tropical bungalow homes maximize every space. With two bedrooms, two toilets and baths, and a provision for a one-car garage, the bungalows are tailored with various family journeys in mind. The carefully planned layout ensures that each corner offers both privacy and optimized space for quality time.

The operative word is right-sizing. Says Paula, an occupational therapist who lives with her mom, “I envision it for my mom when she grows older so hindi na po mahirapan mag-go up ng stairs.” (I envision my mom growing older and not needing to go up a staircase.) Accessibility and mobility will not be an issue when the size is just right. Cleaning and maintenance also become one less worry.

Less is More

You and only the things that matter in your own living space

Discover the great refresh as you do away with clutter. With space meant for only the essential, the desire to accumulate things is replaced by moments and experiences with the ones who truly matter. The function of space becomes deliberate and intentional.

One of the distinguishing features of our homes is the harmonious connection between indoor and outdoor living which brings many advantages. Step into the garden where you can host outdoor parties or intimate family gatherings. Take a refreshing dip in the village pool on warm days or have those spontaneous picnics in the nearby parks and green spaces. The outdoor retreats invite you to nurture bonds and lead a balanced life.

Practical Living

Home living without breaking the bank.

With all the options available, bungalow houses have long held a special place in the hearts of homeowners. Beyond their picturesque and versatile appeal, their affordability is an irresistible draw. Compared to their multi-storey counterparts, bungalows often come with a price tag that’s music to the ears of budget-conscious buyers. Imagine channeling those savings toward creating your perfect abode. Importantly, bungalow living is a long-term financial win because they are inherently more energy-efficient. With less square footage to light and ventilate, expect a glorious dip in your utility bills.


Cozy homes where laughter echoes for generations.

As your family evolves and journeys on, Narra Park Residences Avia offers homes that adapt to those needs. From thoughtfully-planned layouts to family-centric community features, and quality that stands the test of time, these homes not only embrace the essence of compact living but are also homes that you’d proudly pass down to future generations.

Visit www.nurtura.ph to learn more about the Narra Park Residences community. To get more information on our available lots and move-in ready units, call (082) 227-2152 local 216. You may also follow @NarraParkOfficial on Facebook for updates.


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