Enjoy Summer with These 5 Delicious Dishes

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Summer gives us more than just time to rest and enjoy our hobbies. It also allows us to spend longer moments outdoors in the company of our loved ones and friends. Cherish this golden season to the fullest by sitting back and enjoying a delicious picnic. Here are five simple dishes for the perfect picnic.

Frittata Slices

What’s better than waking up to a hearty breakfast? Enjoying breakfast food all-day round! Individual frittata slices are not only easy to pack and share with family and friends, they’re also easy to customize. You can mix and match the fillings based on your loved ones’ preferences to ensure everyone at the picnic is having a good time.

Savory Pastry Tarts

With these savory pastry tarts, packing for a picnic has never been easier. This party-classic can do your picnic no wrong. Made with puff pastry, this tart can be filled with family favorites, like bacon, ham, and cheese. For vegetarian options, you can fill the tart with mushrooms, eggs, or even pesto.

Fresh Salads

You can make the perfect picnic even better with delicious and healthy food! Salads are exceptionally easy to prepare and serve, and you can make them with fruits, protein, or just some simple leafy goodness. You can include fresh mangoes, melons, and papayas to give your salad a refreshing, summery vibe.

Homemade Dipping Sauce

Dips are a great way of adding flavor to your picnic with little to no trouble. Simple and quick to prepare, homemade sauces bring a complexity of flavor that cannot be easily found in store-bought dips. Savor them with chips, bread, or even all on their own! Dips can be just as filling as they are delicious.

Fresh Fruit Popsicles

No picnic is complete without dessert, and frozen popsicles are a great way to beat the summer heat. But store-bought ones may be filled with unhealthy amounts of sugar that can raise our body temperatures. By making popsicles using fresh fruits, we can serve up a healthier and more refreshing alternative for our loved ones to enjoy.

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