Copy These Bedroom Design Ideas from Narra Park Residences!

There’s no other space in the house that’s more personal than your own room. It isn’t just a place to sleep in – it’s a sanctuary. If you need some fresh decorating ideas, check out the bedrooms in the model units of Narra Park Residences.

Nurtura Land & Home worked with Architect Lara L. Sabandal to outfit these rooms, and she offers this advice to homeowners: “When designing a bedroom, always ask: Who will use this room? What is their personality? Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s easier to come up with a design theme for the space.”

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The bed should be the focal point of your bedroom
The focal point of every master bedroom should always be the bed, and you can use fluffy pillows, a neutral-tone duvet, and clean, crisp sheets to make it look bigger.

Make sure to also maintain the recommended 24-inch clearance space between the three sides of the bed and the adjacent walls. This rule of thumb ensures that there’s always enough walking space around the room and makes it easy to climb into bed from all sides.

Choose a bed that matches your home’s overall design
Bed design is also a crucial factor, and we suggest choosing a style that complements your home’s design aesthetic. For instance, we selected a minimalist wooden-frame bed with a slatted headboard to match the modern Asian look of Narra Park Residences’ model units.

Small nightstands complement your bed instead of taking attention away from it
Also, scale your furniture to the size of your bed. In this photo, you’ll see that we chose a small nightstand which complements the bed. Small houseplants give life to a room, and can also improve indoor air quality.

This double-deck also has built-in storage
Now that you’re done designing the master bedroom, it’s time to deck out your kids’ rooms!

If your children will be sharing a room, we highly recommend getting a double-deck bed to efficiently utilize available space. But don’t just get any double-deck—get one with built-in storage. In this bedroom for the bungalow model unit, we have a custom-made bed that has a cabinet and drawers built into it.

And instead of the typical ladder, we designed mini “stairs” to access the upper bunk. Each step of the stairs doubles as a drawer where kids can stash their toys, school supplies, and other knick-knacks!

A fun animal theme ties together the elements of this room
If your kids will have their own rooms, you have more opportunities to personalize the space.

There is a fun and bright animal theme that connects the various items in this bedroom – from the bedspread and pillows, to wall prints, and even little accent pieces.

Painting the room white makes it look bigger, which helps create an airy, relaxing atmosphere. A white wall also serves as a great backdrop for artwork, allowing their colors to really pop.

One design principle to take note of is the sense of “flow.” In this case, we set the bed and the cabinets against the walls so the left-hand side of the room is always open to foot traffic—a must if you’re dealing with a smaller space.

You don’t always have to paint walls to experiment with different colors
For this room, we employed a clever little design hack: if you want to experiment with wall colors without repainting anything, choose drapes with striking colors. When the light from the window hits the magenta drapes, it bathes the room in a warm pink glow.

We also love using corkboards and chalkboards as accent pieces that are practical and functional, just like the ones above the study table. Not only are they a great way for kids to keep track of pending schoolwork and chores, they’re also a fun way to express their creativity. (PRO-TIP: You can use them in your kitchen, too!)

We hope these ideas from Narra Park Residences serve as inspiration when you design your own home. For more interior design tips, follow our Facebook page or follow this Pinterest board!


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