9 Little Things That Make Dabawenyos Happy

We’re all excited to take part in the celebrations for Araw ng Dabaw this March 16, but did you know that the world is also celebrating the International Day of Happiness on March 20? In honor of these two events, we decided to list down some of the things Dabawenyos have the privilege of enjoying.

The promise of safety

Thanks to Task Force Davao, the security checkpoints and CCTVs dotting the city, and a world-class 911 emergency response system, Dabawenyos can walk the city streets without worrying about their safety. That means being able to enjoy everything the city has to offer no matter the time of day!

The clean, potable water

Dabawenyos truly appreciate being able to drink water straight out of the tap. The Davao City Water District (DCWD) provides clean, safe water to all residents, and was once awarded the Most Outstanding Water District by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA).

The no-smoking ordinance

This local ordinance keeps the city’s air clean and protects our kids from the ill effects of second-hand smoke. After all, smoking is optional but breathing is not.

The 10 p.m. karaoke ban

Because no one wants to hear “My Way” being belted out at 12 midnight.

The proximity to beaches and mountains

From the beaches of Samal and Talicud Islands to the lush mountain resorts in Brgy. Eden or Buda, there’s no shortage of fun weekend destinations that Davao City residents can easily visit.

The affordable food

Unlimited crab buffet for just P500? Melt-in-your-mouth spare ribs for less than P200? There are a lot of happy tummies—and wallets—here in Davao City!

The honest taxi drivers

Even if your fare is P99 and you hand over a P100 bill, taxi drivers here will gladly give your piso back.

The abundance of fruits

Living in the “Fruit Basket of the Philippines” gives Dabawenyos access to affordable, locally grown fruits such as mangosteen, bananas, papayas, pomelos, and the (in)famous durian.

The good weather

Davao City lies outside the “Typhoon Belt,” so we experience bright, sunny mornings and cool afternoons for the vast majority of the year.

What about you—what makes you happy to live here in Davao City?

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