8 Tips to Make Moving Houses a Breeze

Moving into a new home is certainly an exciting prospect. Less thrilling? Having to pack up all the stuff in your current home. Don’t fret, though, Nurtura Land & Home has eight house-moving hacks that will help make this process much easier:

Don’t Take Everything!

Like most homeowners, you have a sentimental connection to the stuff in your home. But hauling all of them to your new place will not only make the packing process more tedious, it will also increase the transport costs. Determine which items are absolutely essential and which ones you can bear to sell at a garage sale. To make parting with them a bit easier, remind yourself that proceeds from the sale will offset part of your moving costs.

Cling Wrap and Garbage Bags are Your Friends

Want an easy way to pack your drawers? Secure them with cling wrap so the drawers don’t open during transportation. This allows you to load them into your truck as is without transferring their contents first.

Similarly, you can use garbage bags as impromptu garment bags. Take a bunch of clothes in your closet, stuff them into a large garbage bag, and cinch the top so the hanger hooks stick out. When you get to your new home, simply re-hang the clothes and remove the bag.

Avoid Cord Confusion

To get your entertainment system up and running in no time, snap a picture of all the cords attached to it before packing it up. This gives you a guide for where all the cords should go when you set it up in your new home.

Think Like Tetris

Renting a moving truck is not cheap, so you’ll want to fit as many things into it to minimize your transport costs. To do this, think of the loading area as a Tetris game. For instance, you can flip chairs upside down so you can plop them onto tables to maximize space. Likewise, you can “sit” packed boxes onto your couch so the space is utilized.

What to Pack (and Unpack) First

When you begin packing, start with the kitchen because it has the biggest appliances in the home. By doing so, you will have a better idea of how big or how many moving trucks you’ll need to hire. When you get to your new home, on the other hand, start unpacking the bedrooms first—it’s better to eat takeout food for dinner than to sleep on the floor.

Map Out Where Everything Should Go

Take your new home’s floor plan and map out where the stuff from your old house should go. Give this “map” to your movers so they know which boxes go into which rooms. Of course, don’t forget to label the boxes accordingly—you can even color code them accordingly to make identification even easier.

Pack a “First Night Box”

Realistically speaking, you probably won’t finish all your unpacking in one day. That’s why you should have a “first night box” that contains all the stuff you’ll need to comfortably settle into your home on Day 1. These include essentials like a change of clothes, toiletries, towels, linens, device chargers, flashlights, dishes, and silverware, just to name a few.

Don’t Clean as You Go

Don’t clean rooms as soon as you finish clearing them out—you don’t want to ruin your momentum by shifting from packing to cleaning mode incessantly. Rather, clear out all rooms first then clean the entire house one last time.

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