8 Fun Summer Activities for Kids in Davao

The sunny days of summer are the best time for kids to explore and adventure around Davao City. This week, we’ve gathered a handful of fun and fulfilling activities that your youngsters will surely love:

1. Philippine Eagle Center

Head shot of Philippine Eagle
Kids can learn more about the endangered Philippine Eagle in its natural habitat!

At the Philippine Eagle Center, kids can learn about the critically endangered Philippine eagle and its role in the ecosystem while touring the majestic creature’s natural habitat. The center is also home to other animals like the Philippine brown deer and the Philippine long-tailed macaque, as well as other bird species. Check their website for directions and entrance fees.

2. Museo Dabawenyo

Art from Museo Dabawenyo
Introduce the Dabawenyo culture to your kids

If you want your kids to learn more about Davao City’s history and culture, take them to Museo Dabawenyo. The museum has exhibits on the indigenous people of Davao, a gallery of remarkable Dabawenyos, and a showcase on Chinese heritage in the area. There is also a gallery that features different artists every month, so there’s always something new to learn and appreciate at the museum. Check out their website for more information.

3. D’ Bone Collector Museum

Cast of a turtle skeleton suspended in the air.
Pique kids’ curiosity about animals through a close look at their bones .

D’ Bone Collector Museum houses the bones of around 300 animal species, ranging from snakes to a sperm whale. Since bones can tell a lot about a creature’s life, a trip to the museum can teach kids the impact human activity has on animals’ wellbeing and survival, and what can be done to protect them.  After the tour, kids can also bring home a bone or two from the souvenir shop. You can find the museum schedule on their website, www.dbonemuseum.com.

4. Gandiva Archery

kid with bow and arrow on archery range.
Archery is a sport the kids can learn during the summer.

Gandiva Archery has professional trainers who can teach sporty youngsters the basics of archery. They also recently opened a range at the Adventure Zone of Gaisano Mall, making their facility even more accessible to youths. You can check out their prices and equipment rentals on their website.

5. MysterEscape

Murder Mystery Room at MysterEscape.
It’s a murder mystery your kids can solve!

Older kids can spend an afternoon at MysterEscape, where they can play detective and crack devious puzzles in order to escape a room. There are also different storylines designed to capture players’ imaginations and test their deductive reasoning.

6. Eden Nature Park

Skycycling couple in the summer
Eden Nature Park gives your family countless hours of enjoyment.

Spend a relaxing day with your kids at Eden Nature Park, where you can enjoy mountain hiking, fishing, and horse riding, among other outdoor activities. Adventurous kids should definitely try skycycling and ziplining, which are two of the park’s signature activities. Go to edennaturepark.com.ph to learn more.

7. Financial Literacy Program at the Galileo Enrichment Center

Kids studying in library
Financial basics will be a piece of cake by the end of summer!

It’s never too early to teach kids good money habits. Luckily, Galileo Enrichment Center has a financial literacy program designed to make budgeting fun for kids. You can also check out their website for other summer programs they offer.

8, Kids Yoga at the Holiday Gym

Kids in yoga poses with teacher.
Kids can relax with yoga.

Every Saturday, Holiday Gym offers a summer yoga program for kids of different age groups. Aside from helping them stay fit, yoga can also help improve their concentration and self confidence. Visit Holiday Gym’s Facebook page for more information.

What fun activities are your kids doing this summer? Share them in the comments section below!

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