7 Solar-Powered Devices that Should be in Your Home

Philippines has one of the highest electricity rates in Asia, which may attribute to the growing popularity of solar-powered devices and appliances in the country. Here are seven solar-powered gadgets that can help you save on electricity costs and make sweltering summer days more bearable:

Solar Fan

A solar-powered fan keeps the heat at bay
Enjoy a refreshing breeze without running up your electric bill with a solar fan. It can also keep you cool during outdoor activities like barbecue parties or playtime with the kids. Buy one here.

Solar Power Bank

Keep your mobile life alive with this solar charger

With a solar power bank, your smartphones and tablets will always have juice as long as there’s sunlight. It also ensures that you and your family have something to entertain yourselves with even if there’s a blackout. You can buy your own here.

Solar Lamps

These solar-powered lamps can charge during the day, and light up your home at the night

Solar-powered lamps range from garden lights to desk lamps, so there’s plenty of ways you can utilize them around the house. Plus, they’re easy to charge because the solar cells are embedded into the lamp itself—no need for a separate solar cell! Get your own here.

Solar Cooker

Two solar-powered binary tubes used for cooking
Solar cookers are an energy-saving and eco-friendly alternative to crockpots, perfect for slow-cook meals such as stews and casseroles. Order yours here.

Solar Radio

Enjoy the outdoors while listening to your favorite station
Want to do some yard work and listen to the news at the same time? Then a solar radio might just be what you need. With it, you no longer need to buy batteries or find a nearby outlet for your radio—just find a sunny spot and you’re all set!


A solar-powered flashlight is the perfect emergency companion during unexpected power outages
Solar flashlights are extremely useful in the event of unexpected power outages. Just remember to keep the solar cells exposed to sunlight to keep the flashlight’s battery charged.


Listen to your favorite song without the use of an electric outlet
Solar-powered speakers are perfect when you want to cool off in the yard while listening to your favorite music. You can get your own solar speaker here.

With these solar-powered appliances and gadgets, you can make the most out of the abundant summer sun. For more useful home tips, keep following the Nurtura newsroom and our Facebook page!





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