7 Signs It’s Time to Stop Renting—and Start Owning

You’ve been thinking a lot about finally getting your own place—and these downsides of renting are nudging you closer to taking the leap.

You’ve had enough of noisy neighbors

Apartment living means sharing walls with other units, and you’re bound to hear noises you’d really rather not.

You’re itching to customize your space

Want to paint your walls purple? Better ask your landlord first—you might be violating the terms of your lease.

You want a sense of permanence

You may love your place, but there’s no guarantee you can stay there forever. Your landlord might decide to sell the property or move into it himself.

You’re dying to have a pet

If you follow more pets than people on Instagram, it’s time to get your own furbaby. Too bad your landlord doesn’t allow pets.

Your green thumb is beckoning you

Without a yard of your own, cacti and herbs are about the only plants you can grow in your place.

You dread annual rent increases

With this year’s increase, your rent is really pushing the definition of “within my budget.”

You’re tired of paying for your landlord’s mortgage

When you realize this, you can never look at your rental payments the same way.

Want to stop renting and wasting money?

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