5 Inexpensive Family Activities to Enjoy in Your Neighborhood

Having fun with your family doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The trick is to find activities that bring enjoyment to the family without leaving your own neighborhood. Give summer a last hurrah with these delightful, inexpensive activities for the whole family!

Neighborhood Water Party


Boy with water gun
Invite your neighbors to a water party on hot summer days

Set up an inflatable pool or two, give everyone water guns, and let neighbors bring their own special dishes for a community-wide water party. Splashing around in the water and having water gun fights are perfect summer-ender activities the whole neighborhood can take part in.

Treasure Hunt


Boy with treasure map
Plan a treasure hunt for the kids in the community

A community-organized treasure hunt is a great way to bond with your neighbors. At Narra Park Residences, you’ll have lots of space to organize a great game. Gather the other parents to set up the hunt, and make maps for the kids. Once everything is in place, group the kids into teams and start the treasure hunt! You can set up your own treasure hunt using this guide.

Backyard Camping

Terra cotta pot with fire and marshmallow
Go camping with your kids and enjoy some tabletop s’mores while you’re at it

Camping is a great way to unplug from the digital world, get closer to nature, and spend quality time with your family without spending much. Set up some tents and some sleeping bags in your backyard, and enjoy fun activities like stargazing, charades, and storytelling. You can even make s’mores on a tabletop for dessert, just like this one. This is also a great bonding activity to do with your kids.


Picnic in the Park
Enjoy a nice picnic with your family

Want to eat out with your family and still save money? Have a picnic! Preparing simple snacks like French toasts, ham and tuna sandwiches, fruit cups, or quesadillas with your kids is a great opportunity for learning and bonding. Besides, what better dining ambience is there than nature itself? Narra Park’s large parks will be the perfect venue for summer picnics.

Outdoor Obstacle Course

Obstacle course for kids
An obstacle course lets kids practice their motor skills and self-control

An outdoor obstacle course is a fun challenge that can also develop your kids’ motor skills and concentration. All you need is a patch of open space and ordinary household items to create the obstacle course. Even better, you can tweak the course to fit the kids’ age and skills. To learn how to make your own outdoor obstacle course, check out these instructions.

Nurtura Land & Home knows that the outdoors are the perfect place for endless hours of family fun. This is why our maiden project, Narra Park Residences, will have two 1.4-hectare parks, perfect venues for these activities and many more. To learn more about this community, visit www.nurtura.ph/narra-park.

And if you want more ideas for weekend activities, check out our Pinterest board and Facebook page!


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