5 Great Ways to Enjoy Narra Park Residences’ Green Open Spaces

While the pandemic has necessitated us to stay at home with our family, this doesn’t have to mean we should be cooped up indoors all the time.

At Narra Park Residences, homeowners have lots of room to safely enjoy outdoor activities, thanks to the community’s two 1.4-hectare parks.

Here are some of the ways our residents are maximizing the community’s green open spaces.


Taking fur babies out for a walk is good exercise for both you and your pet. They’ll surely enjoy running around the wide open spaces of the parks, and will love you more for it.

Weekend picnics

“Eating out” doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. You can still do so worry-free by having a picnic in the park. Whether you pack a home-cooked feast or just have your favorite food delivered, your family will surely relish the novel outdoor experience.

Playtime with kids

Technology and electronic devices are indispensable in our daily lives. Even kids nowadays tend to indulge in too much screen-time. This is why outdoor play should be encouraged whenever possible. Play tag, hide-and-seek, or fly a kite with your kids, and delight in the refreshing break from gadgets.

Outdoor fitness

You don’t need to go to a gym to reap the physical and mood-boosting benefits of exercise. A light morning jog or brisk walking as the sun sets in the park can do wonders for your health. Also, it’s never too late to achieve your body goals this year.

Quiet time outdoors

Parks are a good place for meditation life, or to just simply reflect on your day. Quiet moments with Mother Nature allow us to process our thoughts and absorb learnings so set aside time for this.

Indeed, there’s a wealth of outdoor activities one can experience and safely enjoy in Narra Park Residences. With almost 50% of the development allocated to green open spaces, Narra Park Residences stands out as a green and clean community in Davao City.

If this is the kind of community you’re looking for, call (082) 227-2152 local 216 or visit www.nurtura.ph. For updates, you may also follow @NarraParkOfficial on Facebook.

(All photos by Freepik)


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