5 Easy Ways to Save for a Down Payment

Make 2018 the year you finally become a homeowner! Follow these tips to save up for a down payment ASAP:

Save any windfall

Set aside any windfall you receive

Instead of splurging on gadgets, put your 13th-month pay and Christmas bonus towards your down payment.

Have a side hustle

Turn your passion into a side job

Turbo charge your savings by taking on a side hustle. Photography, baking, and crafting are all hobbies that you can turn into freelance gigs.

Sell unused belongings

If you don’t use it, sell it!

A garage sale will declutter your home and yield extra money for your down payment.

Rethink your annual vacation

A great vacation doesn’t have to be expensive

Skip the out-of-country vacation this year. There are many great destinations near Davao City that are just as relaxing but far more affordable.

Find little ways to save

Little sacrifices will have big payoffs later on

Pack your lunch, carpool with colleagues, leave your credit card at home, use discount coupons—these little savings add up big time!

Look for homebuyer promos

Promos can make paying your down payment easier

Some developers offer promos designed for first-time homebuyers.

For instance, buyers of Narra Park Residences can pay their down payment in 12 or 36 installments. There’s also an in-house financing offer that requires just a 5% down payment.

These promos are available for selected lots only, so contact us today!

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All photos from Alsons Dev and Pixabay.com


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