10 New Year’s Resolutions for a Better Home

The new year is all about self-improvement, but the next 365 days are also an opportunity to make your home a better and more comfortable place to live in. If you’re a homeowner, take a look at these simple New Year’s resolutions that you can start today.

I Will Get Fit by Doing Housework

Doing housework is an excellent way to sweat off those holiday pounds
You don’t need a fancy gym membership to shed those holiday pounds. There’s plenty of exercise to be had by just doing housework! Activities such as cleaning your house and doing yard work will help you burn off excess calories and keep your home spic and span, too.

I Will Make My Bed Every Day

Start the habit of making your bed every day
If you want a clutter-free home this 2017, start the habit of cleaning up as you go. And there’s no better place to start than by making your bed upon waking up. It’s a nice way of developing discipline and studies show that this simple habit can result to better productivity and a greater sense of well-being.

I Will Pay My Real Property Taxes Early

Early payers of Real Property Tax usually get a discount
No one looks forward to paying Real Property Tax (RPT), but you can get a nifty discount by paying your entire annual fee in January instead paying it quarterly. By getting this task out of the way now, you’re less likely to forget about it and pay fines for delayed payment. Head over to the City Assessor’s Office at City Hall and settle your RPT there.

I Will Reduce My Electricity Bill

Replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED ones can help reduce your home’s power consumption
Reducing your home’s energy consumption isn’t just good for the planet, it’s great for your budget, too! Luckily, even simple things like using energy efficient light bulbs can help slash your power bill. Check out our other suggestions here: http://bit.ly/2i2h0rf

I Will Cook at Home More

Home-cooked meals are both healthy and budget-friendly
These days, finding cooking instructions has never been easier. Just log on to YouTube, find a demonstration of the dish you want to cook, and you’ll feel like a chef in no time! By cooking more meals at home, your family can slash food costs and eat healthier at the same time.

I Will De-clutter My Home

Don’t let unused things clutter your home this 2017
Start the year light by ridding your home of things you no longer need. Take inventory of all your belongings and set aside everything you haven’t used in the past year. You can then sell these at a garage sale or donate them to charity.

I Will Create a Home Safety Kit

A safety kit prepares you against common home emergencies
Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere—even in your own home. As such, having a home safety kit will better prepare you for accidents at home, blackouts, and other unexpected situations. Here’s our guide on creating your own home safety kit: http://bit.ly/2iQsAox

I Will Do One Home Improvement Project

Small projects like repainting a room can make a huge difference in your home
A home improvement project doesn’t always have to be a full-blown renovation. It can be something as simple as repainting the master bedroom. After all, starting with one small thing is better than not doing anything at all.

I Will Set Aside a Home Maintenance Fund

Be prepared for inevitable home repairs by starting a maintenance fund
Pipes leak, tiles crack, and light bulbs burn out—all part of the daily wear and tear of homeownership. That’s why you should set aside a maintenance budget each month so you’re always prepared for repairs big or small. See our guide on the common home repairs you need to know: http://bit.ly/2jq82V8

I Will Reduce Food Waste in My Home

The first-in-first-out rule is one way to reduce food wastage in your home
Did you know that over 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted in the world each year? Put a stop to this problem by starting in your own home. Never buy more groceries than your family can consume, and always employ the first-in-first-out rule when taking food out of the fridge.

We’d love to know if you’ve included any of these 10 promises in your own new year’s resolutions. And feel free to share other resolutions not included in this list!

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